Brush up your knowledge

A) What role does surface active elements play in A-TIG welding process?

  1. Decreases temperature coefficient of surface tension
  2. Increases temperature coefficient of surface tension
  3. None of the above

B) The minimum critical factors for hydrogen cracking could be which one of the following?

  1. Hydrogen content more than 15 ml per 100 gm weld deposit
  2. Hardness more than 400 VPN
  3. Temperature less than 350 deg. C
  4. All of the above

C) Solidification cracking is caused generally by which condition?

  1. High carbon content
  2. High sulfur content
  3. High quenching of steel
  4. High hydrogen content

D) Surface tension between the solid grain and the grain boundary liquid shall be _____ to avoid solidification cracking.

  1. Low
  2. High
  3. None

E) Which process has maximum Arc efficiency among below mentioned processes?

  1. Submerged arc welding
  2. Gas tungsten arc welding
  3. Shielded metal arc welding
  4. Gas metal arc welding

F) Tendency of arc blow will be _____ for same polarity electrodes having distance less than critical value.

  1. Outside
  2. Inside
  3. No arc blow

G) Effect of low inductance in GMAW process- short circuit mode?

  1. Smooth flow of molten metal
  2. More spatter
  3. Welding gun is pushed back
  4. None of the above

H) We know higher velocity of moving heat source leads to higher centerline segregation, this will _______ the toughness of the weld joint.

  1. decrease
  2. increase

I) Practically upto how much concentricity in Stick electrodes will not create any problem?

  1. 2 thou
  2. 6 thou
  3. 4 thou
  4. 8 thou

J) A quantitative means for assessing the relative degree of protection v/s killing in a particular process or welding consumable is the ________.

  1. Oxygen scale
  2. Hydrogen scale
  3. Nitrogen scale
  4. None of the above

Keep reading, Happy welding

Thank you,

KP Bhatt


A) 2,

B) 4,

C) 2,

D) 2,

E) 1,

F) 2,

G) 2,

H) 1,

I) 3,

J) 3.


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