Nano-technology in Welding

The famous saying which is motivating all sector, “the next big thing is very small”, has also boosted manufacturing and welding industries. Implementing nanotechnology in welding field in any form is aimed by the researchers.

In such an effort, The Nanosteel company, Inc., has developed hardfacing alloy(GMAW OAW core wire form consumable) which possess high hardness, excellent wear resistant property along with good toughness.

We studied that as hardness increases toughness decreases. Also, high hardness material because of brittle nature is not preferred in many applications. But this is not the case with nanostructure based alloy. This alloy has high hardness with good toughness.

This alloy with unique uniform glass-forming melt chemistry allows high undercooling to be achieved during welding. This results in considerable refinement of the crystalline microstructure down to a near nanosize (submicron) range. Unlike conventional weld overlay materials which are macrocomposites containing hard particles and general carbides in a binder, the refined microstructure of this alloy does not incorporate distinct hard particles in a binder and is a uniformly hard matrix when welded. This allows nanostructure based alloy to provide vastly improved hardness and wear resistance that lasts significantly longer than conventional macrocomposites.

Hardness around 67-70 HRc and wear factor around 75-80 (M.S. wear factor 1-3) can be achieved. Below figure indicates consistent hardness throughout (till interface) and superior toughness.

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On concluding note, hoping for more development/implementation of nanotechnology in manufacturing and welding industry.

Reference: Nanosteel SHS 6700 brochure

Keep reading, happy welding

Thank you,

KP Bhatt

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